garden sculpture .....


This sculpture was co-designed by myself and garden designer John Middleton. It was featured in Johns award winning show garden at the 2006 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, and was featured on Gardening Gurus(ch 7), and many other media releases.

totem pole

This group of totem poles incorporate glass and locally sourced Dunkeld sand-stone. The colours and shapes are inspired by the natural colours of sand-stone, and the rich and varied vegetation found in the Grampians. These sculptures will sit nicely in a garden setting or if preferred insde as a statement piece.


Inspired by stalactites and stalagmites, I have interpreted them with my own twist, each one of these pieces have their own character, depending on colour and shape variations. These can be hung from trees, pergolas or can be installed in an interior setting.

obsidian balls

These balls are of a hollow nature and are based on the naturally occurring glass, black obsidian. Groups of these balls can be made to create a reflective feeling in a courtyard or garden.