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night lights and wall panel

The two "Night lights" and the wall panel "Wirrabara" were made in collaberation with Donnal Molloy Drum, a local sculptor based in the Wimmera Region. The lights were made for the "Lights in Winter" exhibition at Kirra Galleries, Melbourne.
The nightlights while functional cast a warm glow on nearby wall surfaces creating a relaxing ambience.
The wall panel "Wirrabara" illustrates the lifecycle of wildfire in the Grampians Natonal Park.


This piece was made for the "Lights in winter" exhibition at Kirra galleries, Melb. The main frame consists of laser cut aluminium from which the glass pieces hang freely in, high quality leds are used to light the glass. Energy usage is kept low with a total of 70 watts for the entire piece.

lights with bases

These lights are inspired by my immediate environment and the natural beauty and form of gum trees. The bases are made out of steel and zinc plated, with a 7w led lighting the glass lamp.