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Glass captures the world in a whole different light. Its fluidity and availability to achieve instant results, reflects my desire to create beauty and interpret the world in which I live. For the purpose of this website, representation of my work has been categorized into lighting, exhibition works, glass scapes, garden sculpture, vessels, bowls, plates & vases and architecturally inspired.

This glasscape titled ‘FIRE=’ was my reaction to the bushfires that ravaged the Grampians in January 2006. Living at the foot of the mountains made us extremely vulnerable and gave me a clear view of the fire line which was imprinted on my psyche and interpreted into this particular sculpture. It was short listed in the prestigious Ranamok glass prize in 2007, and purchased by a private collector in New York.

James McMurtrie Photo
FIRE = Burning, Embers, Destruction, Ashes, New Life, Regeneration, Inspiration, Glass, Imagination, Passion, Nature, Luminosity, Glowing, Glass.